Price Action Trading | Stock Investing

Smart trading and investing

Learn profitable techniques to trade and invest your money wisely with little risk.

Range Trading

Learn how to trade and profit from ranging markets consistently.

A range trading strategy that works for all market. Learn how to trade ranges.

3 simple ways technical analysis can help you make better long term investments.

How to use technical analysis when making long term investments.

Technical analysis for long term

Price action trading

Trading can be a daunting and frustrating process. With evestlifestyle you will learn techniques to become consistently profitable in the futures market with minimal risk.

Price action trading technique can be applied in your favourite markets

Stocks, commodites, currencies, ETFs, bonds, options, crypto currencies

money, coin, investment

Stock investing

Invest in your favourite sectors: REITs, Health care,Energy, Industrials etc

You no longer have to panic whenever the market is volatile. With sound principles you will learn strategies that will help you profit from the stock market.

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