7 ways to learn about trading the markets

7 best ways to learn how to trade the stock/forex/futures market.

Learning something new can be overwhelming. You can easily lose interest or motivation if your lacking the necessary tools or platforms to keep you learning and practicing.

There are many ways to learn how to trade. Trying to use all the resources out there can be challenging.

Using every learning resource will only keep you where you are and you are likely not to achieve anything.

So, instead of trying to know the best ways to learn how to trade the forex, stock or futures market. Focus on what is the best learning resource for yourself.

Below I have listed and explained the best ways to learn trading. Reading through the different ways I have outlined below. You will know what is best for you.

7 best ways to learn forex/futures/stock trading.

  1. Reading books

Learn how to trade by reading

This is old school method and it is still relevant till this day. You can buy physical books or download electronic books, PDFs on your electronic gadgets.

Go to your town library skim different books on the bookshelf, select the best and study it. This method has worked for many.

A reader is a leader.

But what if you are not the reading type?
This brings us to the second way of learning how to trade.

  1. Listening to audio books

This is a fun way of assimilating knowledge. You don’t need to read, all you need to do is listen to the audio version of a book.

With audio books, you can finish a book faster compared to when you are actually reading a book.

There are many platforms that offer audio books to their customers. Example audible

  1. Listening to podcasts

This is almost similar to listening to audio books. Here you listen to experts talk about a subject matter or topic.

In a podcast there can be more than one speaker. They talk about topical issues that interest their audience.

You can learn how to trade by joining membership program of live podcast sessions where they talk about different trading concepts.

You can also access old podcasts, it is still relevant.

  1. Reading blog articles

Compared to podcasts, you are not listening to any session. Here you read articles written by experts, just like the one you are reading now.

I learnt how to trade by reading a lot of blog articles. So I highly recommend this method.

Anything I don’t know, I simply Google it and Google provides me with different options/articles to read.

Subscribe to a blogging website and get weekly contents on trading concepts/methods.

  1. Watching Youtube videos

Learn how to trade by watching youtube videos

This is similar to podcasts and blog articles. Unlike podcasts, where you listen to audios and blogs, where you read articles. Here you watch video contents created by expert traders to help you learn how to trade.

I also learnt how to trade by watching a lot of Youtube videos repeatedly.

Subscribe to Youtube channels that you like and turn on your notification bell so that you don’t miss updates from the trader.

  1. Buy online courses

I wanted to help people learn trading but I knew nothing about digital marketing, wordpress, content/copy writing, so I bought online courses and got myself enrolled.

This have enabled me to share valuable contents to my audience like this article you are reading which will help you trade better.

If you want to learn how to trade, you can get yourself some online trading courses that will help you

  1. Join boot camps/ membership clubs/ training programs

Learn how to trade by joining boot camps

Here you enroll in a training whereby you can get to meet other people and make friends with people in your level.

A training program is usually few days in a week. It can be offline or online.
The duration of the program can run for few weeks to few months. It all depends on what the organizers think is best for students that enroll.

This is a good way of learning how to trade because you can rub mind with other people in the program.

As the saying goes “iron sharpens iron”. Having other people in the program keeps you motivated.

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