About Me


Hi, I Am Okpuruka Chinemerem

My name is Okpuruka Chinemerem Glory. I am a price action trader and a stock investor. I first got interested in the financial market in the year 2018. I was introduced by a friend of mine. He told me how he attended a forex seminar. He had put in a certain amount of capital and tripled his account balance using leverage.

Out of interest I started learning and practicing. I read blog articles, PDFs, watched videos. I joined a trading group. I also did an online course on stock investing. My learning process has been fun and demanding also. As time progressed I became a better trader. I now analyze the market confidently for both trading and investing purposes with profitable returns.

What I will do for you

I started evestlifestyle with the goal of helping people who desire to profit from the financial the market. Evestlifestyle is categorized into trading and investing.

I will teach you  price action techniques that will help you profit from the financial markets.

I will also teach you how to invest in company stocks that will maximize your returns over a long time.

I will help you become a confident and profitable trader or/and investor.

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