7 best ways to learn stock investing

What are the best ways to learn stock market investing from scratch.

Jane always heard people talking about the stock market in her place of work. They talk about saving for retirement and investing for the future.

Anytime she turns on the news channel, there are stock analysts talking about company stocks and various stock indices. How they are performing and what to expect in the future.  

She picked interest in the topic and wanted to learn how to invest in the stock market but she had no idea where to start from.

The whole process of learning how the stock market worked was overwhelming for her because there was too much information online and offline.
She did not know what material to learn from or focus on.

When she picks up a book to read it felt boring and tiring. Her eyeballs would become heavy and she will end up sleeping off.
She tried other sources and what she stuck with was an online course and that is how her progress started.

What are the best sources for you to learn about stock investing?

Why did Jane stick with online courses?

She stuck with online courses because that was what she was comfortable with.

It all depends on your personality. Someone’s method might not work for you because it doesn’t suit you.

When learning something new, you need keep calm and stay relaxed to enable you acquire that new skill and knowledge.
With all the sources you can learn from about stock investing, which of them are you comfortable or relaxed learning with.

These sources include –


I learnt how to invest in the stock market by reading books and you can too. These are some of the books I have read:

How I made $2 million in the stock market by Nicolas Darvas.

Fundamental analysis for dummies by Matt Krantz.

The intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham.

Warren Buffett and the interpretation of financial statements by Mary Buffett and David Clark.

I highly recommend these books for anyone looking to acquire knowledge about investing in the stock market.


This is another valuable way of learning about stock investing.

How I utilize this method is that, whenever I have a particular question or questions. I make use of the Google search engine.
I type in my question in the search bar and do a quick search.

Google gives a list of different blog articles relating to my question. I open these various articles and read through them to get a better perspective.


To become proactive in something, you need to be around people that will motivate you, people that you can learn new tricks and techniques from.

When you are alone you move slowly, iron sharpens iron. On the group or forum, you can answer people’s questions, share your thoughts and you can ask questions yourself.

But my advice is that before you join a group, at least have basic knowledge about the subject matter. Often times if you are new to a subject and you join a group. You will find it hard to contribute because you have little to no knowledge of what is being discussed.


I acquired a stock investing course on Udemy. This course helped me and kick started my journey to investing in stocks. At that time, I was lacking focus, so I said to myself an online course might be helpful. I got the course and started learning. It was easier for me. Embarking on an online course reignited the focus I was lacking. You can try it too.


This method works like reading blog articles. I utilize this method a lot. Search for questions on YouTube search engine and different videos that will answer your questions will come up.


If these other methods are difficult for you, try enrolling in learning boot camps and seminars. Here you will meet new people physically that have the same questions and hunger as you are. You thereby build connections and make new friends that will help you grow.


You need someone experienced that can help you become a better stock investor. They will help you navigate every step you make. What you should do and what you should avoid. Subscribe to their email lists and YouTube channels to get the right tips and techniques that will make you better at investing.

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